U.S.A Event Safety

March 3rd 202 inNews

We’ve been on a mission of late to establish just how our friends over the pond look after their events in terms of event safety and also fire safety.

It’s long been the case that our clients have had need to work in the States, as well as all over the world, and have turned to us for advice and guidance when doing so.

This has resulted in us being involved in all manner of seasoned events from roof top LA parties to more salubrious conferences.

What we’ve discovered over recent years is that there is a shift happening over there, albeit a slow one, and what was once an environment legislated by only Unions and the local Fire Departments is slowly but surely opening up to skilled individuals who are helping the many event agencies and production houses to understand their event safety and fire safety needs.

As attested to by the Event Safety Alliance (U.S. nonprofit org'), at present;

most organizations manage their safety in-house in the States, with varying degrees of success

Essentially, they either have someone who knows their way around these matters….    or they don’t.

We’ve spoken with production companies based in the States as well as with large established brands and they all see a gap in the market for this burgeoning trend and as such we are ramping up our offerings to identify suitable companies that we can work closely with to ensure our own clients are well catered for when working at events State-side.

Our next adventure will see us working out of Boston, later in the year, at a huge Global forum. If you see us come say hi.

26.2.20 CH