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July 22nd 2020 inNews

What you saying?
We’re all excited, some more than others, about the PM’s update last week on the future of events and we all now have a focus to apply to this.

That’s great news as it generates positivity and means our clients can start to plan with a timeline in mind. Of course at this time nothing is certain but we can but hope.

Over the past few days and weeks we’ve been immersing ourselves in the various guidance and the specific regulations relating to Covid-19 and as a result have been ably advising our clients with all of their enquiries.

What we've been doing

•  In particular we have looked after multiple film and stills shoots including attending sites, a feature film, a Southbank street food market and have been advising stadiums and venues on safe measures and controls whilst also helping to plan outdoor events.

•  Our team have all had the pleasure and benefit of attending the Institute of Place Management’s CV-19 course delivered and supported by Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still. Interestingly it is with his work on Crowd safety and risk analysis that we as a Company were already involved with and the application of the DIM-ICE model really has a useful application when considering capacity planning in this new normal.

•  During this time we’ve also supported our clients in returning to work, with all aspects from updating policies and providing Covid Secure risk assessments to developing new approaches with reduced staff and occupancy within their facilities.

•  We’ve created simplified versions of the Government guidance to allow our clients to better understand the huge volume of published material, for many this has been hugely helpful.

•  Most recently we have developed a Covid-19 training course which can be tailored to specific businesses, the great thing about this course is it is delivered on Zoom so your whole team can attend from a safe distance.

At this time events are not possible, well indoors anyway. Outdoor events have been possible since 11th July and the below list is an update on what is / isn’t possible and the dates of any upcoming changes: 

Planning your events
Indoor events / gatherings:
30 people maximum for any private event
Limited to members of any two households (or support bubbles)
Requires covid Secure risk assessment and to follow related sector/activity guidance
01st August - Indoor performances with socially-distanced audiences in theatres, music and performance venues permitted but yet to be signed off by
 Outdoor events / gatherings:

30 people maximum for any private event
Limited to members of any two households (or support bubbles)
Requires covid Secure risk assessment and to follow related sector/activity guidance
Businesses and venues following COVID-19 Secure guidelines can host larger than 30 people *


Conferences / stadiums / commercial events

October onwards
Subject to the outcome of pilots

* Businesses and venues following COVID-19 secure guidelines can host larger groups. This is also the case for events in public outdoor spaces that are organised by businesses, charitable or political organisations, and public bodies, provided they take reasonable steps to mitigate the risk of transmission, in line with COVID-19 secure guidance and including completion of a risk assessment. Any other gathering in an outdoor space must not be any larger than 30 people.


But this does not mean we can’t plan for a potential return of events and as such understanding your supply chain, the realistic deliverable services and time scales within the current environment is key. The documentation required to evidence the process and planning requirements or considerations has never been more important to remain flexible and open to a return to staging events.

The planning of any event at this stage can only be based on current guidance and as such you must consider:

• Travel of staff and visitors (when permitted) - use of modes of transport and avoidance of the need for public transport
•  Use of virtual or remote content
•  Supply chain limitations
•  Event environment - indoors/outdoors
•  Management controls and supervision
•  Build schedules
•  Social distancing - avoiding / minimising queues
•  Creating a linear or one way event to aid circulation and control of social distancing
•  Additional hygiene requirements
•  Limiting touch points
•  Communication of steps taken to be Covid Secure - to both staff and attendees
•  Signage, barriers, posters, vinyls etc.
•  Media messaging to all parties - social responsibility

Be prepared to be flexible in your planning and manage clients' expectations based on the permitted activities and challenges for staging any event.

Remain creative and look to work within the guidelines and not try to make your event fit them but design the controls into your event experience.

The Rules

Don’t forget…if all the conditions are not met to ensure an event is Covid Secure then as of 18th July Local Authorities have new closure powers.

The The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No. 3) Regulations 2020, include a number of new powers for Local Authorities to give directions, including a direction to close, relating to specific premises, events and public outdoor spaces.


Covid Secure Services

We have produced a Coronavirus specific set of risk assessments and method statements that when used as designed can be tailored to individual Company needs by assessing the specifics of the business on a case by case basis.

The process involves an initial consulting period whereby we provide a coronavirus survey and questionnaire specific to the type of business activity, this includes the following areas:

•  Return to work
•  Office and tenanted spaces
•  Film and photo shoot locations
•  Events, venue and pop-up
•  Return to work - retail and outdoor markets
•  Restaurant / bar

We then provide the risk assessment framework to you with the relevant tasks and hazards addressed, along with a series of recommended control measures and actions. You are then tasked with identifying your explicit control measures and provisions in place to address the hazards. We then review your comments and offer further recommendations, where necessary, and finally add a simplified residual risk rating to establish whether your control measures are suitable.

Should you wish to explore this further, then please use the above contact details to find out more.

Further guidance

HSE Coronavirus (COVID-19): latest information and advice
Government 5 steps to working safely
Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you need further support please contact HornerSalus: // 020 8954 6333

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